Can I create a Hyperlink to go to the Resource Tab in SL2?

Jun 29, 2015

I want to create a hyperlink on my storyline 2 project so it will open the document from the Resource tab.  Is this possible? I know I did it before in another project.  Possibly Presenter.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Britannia! Looks like Terry is assisting you here, but I'm attaching the information as well in case that's helpful.

Articulate Storyline lets you add supplementary files and web links to your course player. If you attach a file to your player, you can also link to that same file from any slide in your course. Here's how.

Ann Dyellig

Thanks Wendy! Your example has the Resources tab on it, which I do not want. Also, by looking at your story file, you linked the PDF to your hard drive, which I am unable to open when clicking on the trigger within the story file. Not sure how that DID work in your published hadn't put it in the resources like the example above showed.

When I published your file up to review site, the link didn't work.

So again, my goals are: have the PDF open by clicking on the link, and not having a Resources tab at the top. Thanks! 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ann

sorry I forgot to switch off the Player resource tab.

When you link to the file on your harddrive a copy will be placed in the external file folder of the published output. Hence why when you published it you couldn't see it as I didn't supply the pdf attachment I was just showing how the button could link to a PDF.

Here is a link to the published file on review.


Ann Dyellig

Ashley, I can get the PDF to work and be visible when using the instructions you gave 2 years ago to Britannia -- when I have the Resources tab visible, but when I uncheck it in the Player Menu, the PDF doesn't work. I do not want the Resources tab visible.

I do not understand your instruction above "and enable it on one slide that the user never sees (keep it within it's own scene and no triggers to it)." Can you explain further?

Ann Dyellig

Thanks Ashley. I see what you're doing here. Because I need to have many other triggers on the page, all the other pages linked to that page also had the Resources tab on them (figured that was why you had it be a standalone page). 

I did find a workaround, thanks to your example! I was able to make the page that has the PDF link on it be a lightbox, and that lightbox doesn't have the Resources tab on it. Then I can click on the link and get to the PDF.  It is not ideal, but it works. 

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