Can I create new results slide which pulls in the results from 2 question banks?

Mar 11, 2015

Hi, I have a course built which has 2 end assessment tests and the idea is that dependant on someone's grade they choose either test a) or test b). The end results page therefore needs to show the results of either test as a combined score so it can report back one score to the LMS.

My thinking was to have a variable score = test a) & test b) as the combined score will be eg. 80 + 0 or 0 + 80 with a score of 0 for the test they didn't need to take.

I know you can combine scores, but that is only if both test banks are completed, in my course I only need them to choose one of the tests.

I'm struggling to work out how to do this, is it possible?


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Emily Ruby

Hello Barry,

You could use a final results slide at the end to pull the results from both the banks. You can set this up to score based on the individual results slides from each bank. If only one is needed, you can uncheck "user must pass each quiz" and the set the passing score to what is needed for only passing one (possibly 50% as passing)

Barry Hinks

Hi Emily, Thanks for your reply. This suggestion I'd already seen, but avoided because of the overall score will not display what I need.

The score should be, as if a user only completed just one test. i.e. If they took 1 test only and got all questions correct then the score on the final results slide should be 100%. Using this method,  whilst the user does not see the other test, it still takes the questions into account as unanswered = incorrect and reduces the overall score.

It's close but not what we have in the existing design and trying to replicate. I'm converting a series of courses into Articulate and this is the only topic with this A or B end test option.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.  

Darren D

If I may piggyback on this thread, my application is similar with a twist:

I have a language selector slide at the beginning of my course which branches out to English or French depending upon the user language preference.

The content is the exact same in both language and has the same exam, but in both languages.

So the common thread here is that I have 2 exams, a user only takes one of them (because they have either chosen English or French). The results slide at the end has to tally the results from only one exam.

I'm wondering if there is creative way to setup the results slide or question bank to capture only the feedback from one exam without the need for capturing every question in the entire project.

Thoughts appreciated!




Barry Hinks

Darren, interesting that you say that.

I have courses that require english & french canadian versions. They are both separate courses at the moment (played it safe) and my vision is to have exactly what you're hoping to do and have both languages with a test at the end with the results slide only pulling through the correct score for the LMS and language.

As I was experiencing the original puzzler with this thread I wanted to crack this first and not run before I could walk!

I'm sure one of the elearning heroes out there will have a workaround for this.


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