Can I create the same caption Articulate uses when hovering on its webpage? (See attached screenshot)

Jan 30, 2015

Articulate and many other websites (e.g Google mail) have a caption with a "full triangle pointer" (see attached screenshot). However, when I try to do it with Articulate, the closest I can get using their rectangular caption is a "half triangle pointer". Whenever I try to drag it to the middle, it doesn't form a "full triangle". Is it possible to get it?

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Manuel, 

You're correct that the default text captions have a small triangle that can't be customized. I was also recently going for that same "look" as you in a branched scenario I created, and what I ended up with looked like this:

The way I did it was by placing a rectangle and triangle shape together and grouping them. Using shapes you can create captions that look any way you want. The default captions won't allow you to achieve that specific look so you'll need to create them yourself. 

Hope this helps!

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