Can I use multiple Question Banks in one eAssessment Story?

I am creating an eAssessment module for a Trainer lead course. Is it possible to pull random questions from 3 questions banks within this assessment. Currently at the moment I have the 3 banks built but I seem to be only able to use 1 at a time??

I need to make sure that I have a good variety of questions from each of the banks. Is it only possible to use one questions bank per assessment?


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Nicole Legault

Hi Ellen

To pull in questions from a Question Bank you need to insert a Slide Draw slide. A Slide Draw can only pull from one question bank at a time. However, you could insert multiple (3) slide draws and have each one pull from a separate question bank. Then the learner would get questions from each bank. 

Here's a few articles about working with question banks you may find helpful:

Hope this helps! :)

Laura White

I do have separate slide draws per question bank however is there a way to randomize the slide draws so that the questions are mixed up among the different question banks?  For example, the first couple questions are from question bank 1 and then next couple from question bank 2, and then maybe another question from question bank 1 again and then a couple from question bank 3, etc.