Multiple Question Bank Randomizer.

Sep 03, 2014

Hi All,

I was wondering while building a 20 question assessment if it is possible for Multiple question banks to draw the questions randomly into the quizzing slides?

I have generated 11 question banks with different amounts of questions in each bank totally 40 individual questions,  relating to course topics, what I would like to do is generate a 20 question assessment using the 11 banks but drawing all 20 questions from each bank in a random order.

Rather than have X/X questions from bank 1 then X/X questions from bank 2, I would like to be able to get all 20 questions from the banks then randomize them for the user?

Not sure if this is possible, Looking at the way in which Storyline is set up it would appear the only way to do this would be to re-arrange the "slide" - Draw from question bank X.

Any help on this would be much appreciated

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi John and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I'm not sure why you just wouldn't use that as one question bank to pull randomly from if that is your goal?

There is not a standard way to do what you are asking, and this is our documentation on drawing from question banks.

I'm not sure if someone in the community has worked on something similar before that could provide the feedback you are looking for.

John Willis

Hi and thank you for your responses, the reason for having multiple question banks is due to awarding body requirements that X amount of questions be answered and that all learning objectives are covered within this.

Normally, I would add the complete set of questions into question bank then draw from that, but due to the limited number of questions in some objectives and the total questions being a fairly small number I would not guarantee to get a question from each learning objective without separating them into banks and drawing from each bank.

Kevin, whilst using your method can you be sure that you will receive a question from all areas of your learning content?

With this being designed to be for an Approved learning content that is legislatively required in the UK the random draw is a must, with the questions being randomly drawn from a bank that is great, I just wanted to take it one step further and have the randomly generated questions displayed in random order so that no student would get the same questions a very similar order.

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