Remediation branching based on Question Bank Results

Mar 28, 2017

Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone has run across this Storyline 2 assessment scenario before.

Basically, I have a client who wants to use 4 different question banks as a draw for an assessment, and then based on the results of each Bank's question set, branch the user to some form of remediation if they meet the criteria. 

o   There are 10 questions in each Bank, so a pool of 40 questions total.

o   Each Bank is topic-specific. 

o   The Assessment would draw 5 questions from each of the 4 Banks for a total of 20 questions in the Assessment.

o   70% is passing overall (14 out of 20 questions answered correctly)

o   70% is passing for a Question Bank. So a learner could pass the overall assessment with a 70%,  but fail a topic-specific Question Bank set of 5 questions by answering 2 incorrectly.

This last bullet is where I need help.  How do I branch a user out to remediation based on the results criteria from an individual Question Bank, as opposed to the overall assessment?  

Is this possible? If so, any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rick - Is the expectation for the user to pass the course based on remediation within the same course? If so, I would consider branching back per question bank and not allowing the user to proceed until it's passed. 

If you wait until the end and they've failed more than one 'section', that could be a bit more difficult.

You would want to utilize the Result Slide to allow the user to retry and branch back to the remediation slide needed when failed.

Richard Burgess

Hi Leslie, 

Thank you for your response.

To answer your question, we do want to have the user pass the course based on remediation within the same course. And we considered branching back per question bank, but the client really wants to randomize the draw of questions from all the various QB's in the assessment, e.g. Q1 could be from QB 1, Q2 could be from QB 4, etc. so it's not that clean. Other than forcing remediation after each question bank, any other thoughts? 

Thanks again Leslie!

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