Question Bank Repeating Questions

Jan 29, 2015

My reviewers have reported that they are seeing the same questions again in the Knowledge Check. There are 20 questions set to randomize in the question bank. I have 20 "draw from bank slides" inserted into the course. When this first happened, I converted all the questions into individual questions banks for each of the features being quizzed on and then set the draw from questions for each of the question banks. But I had to revise all the questions later and just created them in one question bank and imported the bank into the new course. Once again, we're having issues with repeating questions. I've checked. There are no duplicate slides.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gayla,

I may not be following your set up - but if you're pulling from the same question bank at a later point in the course,  Storyline treats it as a brand new pull and therefore could pull the same questions again as a duplicate. 

If I'm misunderstanding, please let us know and maybe share a copy of your .story file here with us to take a look at. 

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