Can Interactive 360 Videos be Interactive on Youtube?

Sep 30, 2020

Hi All,

I'm just getting my head around  how 360 might help me to be able to create interactive videos.

I am looking at making a youtube video but I want it to have a clickable area. I basically want to pose a "what would you do?" question and give them a couple of options and I want them to have the ability to click an option on the video and be taken to that part of the video (basically a branching scenario). Is this possible? If it is, I would love to know how.

Side Note: I also have Camtasia and I have been wondering whether I should be attempting to do it in that, in 360 or a combination of the both or whether neither have the ability I want because of Youtube restrictions.  I am a novice at creating videos for Youtube, but need to do it for a client and this is something they have asked for so I am exploring the options. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

It doesn't matter what you use to create the video. Once it's uploaded to Youtube it's just a video. Inside of Youtube, you'll have to use their tools to create the interactive parts. Not sure how to jump to points in the timeline from inside the video, but most people seem to jump to other videos.

In either case, that's all done in YT so you'll have to look through their documentation and support to learn how.

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