Can items float (during scroll) in storyline?

Hello Heroes, 

I'm just in the concept development stage of a new course and wondering if i'm able to use my ideas in Storyline, before I go too far into this concept.

I'm creating a course thats long and scrollable, mimicking a webpage. I'ts got a social-media theme to it, so I would like to have a visual menu (of users avatars) that sits on the top left of the course. 
My question is, am I able to make that menu float, so that when you scroll down the page, it stays visible in the top left corner? My hope is that the user will be able to click that menu from anywhere in on the page, rather than having to scroll back to the top.



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Bill Kelleher

You could potentially create everything inside of a scrolling panel, and then creating a new layer that has the menu objects(green box in example) in the position you choose, which will not move. See the attached .story file for a quick example. One drawback here is that you may have to get creative and spend a little more time building out each item.