Can something as simple as tables really not be inserted inside of states?

Jun 13, 2023

I'm having this issue where a copy-and-pasted table from another slide has been inserted inside a state. It appears in "development mode" but once I launch preview mode, it doesn't display when I click on the state.

I read about it in other forums from years ago that mentioned it's probably a bug that Storyline can't work with. Is something so simple really still a problem now?

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Eric Santos

Hi Edward,

I'm sorry to hear you've hit this snag! You are correct; the issue where tables do not show in states is a bug we are still investigating. For now, you can utilize slide layers instead of states if you need to trigger a table to show on a click.

Here's a peek at how we tackle bugs. We thoroughly test our product updates to ensure that other features are not negatively impacted by the fixes we've built. 

You're in the right place; we'll surely let you know if there's news on this!