Can Storyline 360 solve my problem?

Mar 22, 2019


I have been asked to create essentially a questionnaire for an ethics review process that my organisation uses. I have tried to recreate it in our Moodle instance but some things just were not possible. 

Before I spend the day trying to work out what Storyline 360 can do and how to make it work for me (I have used SL2 in the past) I thought I would ask if I can achieve this requirements:


Only getting a certificate if the correct criteria are met.
Once completed a certificate is generated with individual ID number for ethics review panel
The ability to retake the form with a blank version each time.
Once completed reports back to relevant admin - Only if needed (so if they need a review the email needs to go to the correct admin team depending on department selected from a drop down early on).


Branching questions depending on potential ethics requirements
Linking to other forms depending on requirements stated through the review
The ability to review previous ethics applications.


Thanks for your help.


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Brian Allen

The reason I ask is because in my environment, everything in your "Essential" bucket would be handled thru our LMS, not the authoring tool. But I also know that not every LMS is created equal, and I'm not sure of Moodle's ability to perform some of these kinds of administrative tasks.

The only thing in Essentials that would be dependent upon the authoring tool is the ability to retake with a blank form each time, and this is simply a Resume/Do Not Resume setting.

Desirable... Branching, yes, probably with custom variables/triggers. The other two questions there I would need to know more about before I could provide an opinion.

Tom Langston

The problem I have is the Moodle questionnaire does 99% but I cant get it to do a custom certificate when the have completed the form but only if they don't need to see other ethics panels. 

Just trying to create it in Storyline 360 and already hit a problem that the free form text box for tell us about your project has to have an acceptable answer and can't just be a blank text box (or am I missing something?)

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tom. Storyline 360 can report this information back to your LMS, but you'll need to have each interaction, or question, on a separate slide. That might already be baked into your design plan, but I wanted to mention it!

Try using a survey short answer or essay question. It allows for open-ended text entry that will submit your learners' responses to the LMS.

For certificates, Storyline doesn't generate a certificate, but many people use the Print Results report as a certificate. You could enable this feature on the results slide, and here's one way to customize that report to look like a certificate.

I hope that helps inspire your work in Storyline 360!

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