Can Storyline determine what type of device was used

Sep 12, 2013

I'm writing a proposal for a client that wants to know what type of device was used to complete the training (tablet, smartphone, or web) as well as the user's name, time started and finished, and where the person was.  I'm thinking I can create a login form that would provide that information.  Is there a way Storyline can determine this without a login form?

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Steve Gannon

Hi Alan,

There are JavaScript examples on the forum that will show you how you can pull the user's name from an LMS as well as determine the date and time. I also recall coming across a JavaScript technique for determining if the user is running the Flash, HTML5, or Mobile App version of your course. Keep in mind, however, that the Articulate Mobile Player does not support JavaScript (in fact, that's the way that JS routine knows if your running the AMP).

As far as "where the person was", are you referring to GPS coordinates or just something like "at work" vs. "at home"?

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