Can Storyline ONLY publish as HTML5?

We are reaching a point within our organization where we are no longer able to offer Flash products. Since that is the default publishing output of Storyline, we are questioning whether we can continue with this software. 

Is it possible to FORCE a course to only open as HTML5? If the story.html file is removed, and the course is launched from the html5 instead, will that have repercussions? 

I'm concerned about only using the html5 output. The quality is slightly degraded, it seems. Suggestions? Advice?

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Alexander Reid

I don't believe that the slide in question was truly corrupt because after:

1.  Removing the slide claimed to be corrupt.
2.  Reducing the total amount of questions from 20 to 5.
3.  Removing all music and sound effects.
4.  Removing triggers to display the amount of lives / tries you have left

...the game was still scoring incorrectly when using the Flash output.  He said he was submitting this to QA.  I guess we'll take things from there and hopefully in a future update/release of Storyline we'll get a feature to publish strictly to HTML5 (completely exclude compiling to Flash).

Deb Bowden

My IT department just presented me with a long list of Storyline courses that will cease to work with an interim LMS due to .swf files. I've forwarded this thread about forcing the LMS to call the .html file, which they've been able to do. The problem is that, they say, all interactions and videos still exist as .swf files inside the published course. They're recommending I move all embedded course videos to Brightcove and use links instead AND, remove all interactions that require Flash.

Any ideas that will spare me having to rebuild everything?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Luke - We certainly advise sharing the index_lms.html file with your learners and allowing the program to determine the best viewing environment for the learner within their browser. 

Not sure if someone in the community has some success stories regarding this set-up and would be able to chime in and share with you here. I would certainly test it out though :)

Silvia Zepeda


I am try to show story_html5.HTMLT (StoryLine 3) in a frame and got this error

app.min.js:15 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'asVersion' of null
at TinCan.LRS.retrieveState (app.min.js:15)
at TinCan.getState (app.min.js:14)
at Object.getItem (app.min.js:16)
at Object.initResumeData (app.min.js:19)
at Object.initialize (app.min.js:19)
at Array.L (app.min.js:46)
at h (app.min.js:10)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (app.min.js:10)
at Object.<anonymous> (app.min.js:10)
at h (app.min.js:10)

 can help me please???

Silvia Zepeda

Sorry, I am going to try to explain better my process.

How we got the flash error with some browsers in SL1 and SL2 we embed the courses in a frame to take the course in our system, now we are migrating to SL3, and i wanted to do the same but i got the error that i sent before, We export our courses as Tincan, but i am a little lose hehe, Now i think i need to force the system redirect the course to HTML5(index_html5) how i can do it??? that instead of using story.html use story_html5.

i attach one structure of my courses.

Thanks so much!