Can Storyline place ongoing video in a "presenter panel"?

Feb 17, 2013

Hi All --

I remember back when I used to use Articulate Presenter, there was a feature that would place video of the person speaking off in a panel to the side.  Then the main panel would show the subject matter presentation that the speaker was narrating.

1-- Can Articulate Storyline do that?  In other words, it would not insert a single video into one slide, but rather it would show an ongoing video of the presenter, off in a dedicated place, and then have the visible presentation section change and evolve based on the person's discussion?

2-- If it does not have that feature, do you think that feature could be easily "simulated" based on the storyline features?   I guess you could chop a video up into different chunks, one for each slide, and then place them individually onto the different slides.  I wonder if that would be a hefty bit of extra work, or not... or if there was a "better" or "Best" way to have that effect.



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