Can storyline work with data collected from the LMS to dynamically create learning paths?

Hi all,

I am new to this forum so I need some help understanding if storyline can fetch user type data from the LMS and then show only relevant topics for the particular user type? The goal is to create just one e-learning course for different audiences and have only the relevant topics load dynamically.

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Scott Wiley

While much learner information can  be loaded "into" and LMS for purposes of guiding people to certain courses based on role, etc., mot much can be retrieved back "out of" the SCORM model via JavaScript from within a single course.

Only the learner name and ID can be retrieved and done something with.

The only way I  can think of to make this happen (and I did a prototype of this a few years back) was to create a go between dynamic page (PHP, for example) that can send/retrieve data from another source database.

The learner name, or probably the ID to avoid possible duplicate names (retrieved from LMS using JavaScript) can be sent to the PHP page, and accesses a database to retrieve other types of information that you may want from a dataset that matches that ID, such as location, role, level, etc.

The PHP page sends that subset of the data back to Storyline and sets a variable. You can then guide the learner to the content you wish based on the value of that variable.

Hope that helps a bit.