Can't Advance to NEXT Slide

Hello.  I'm using variables in a slide with four hotspots.  I set up the variables to be true when all four hotspots have been clicked on (I also made varaibles for the NEXT button to be disabled until all four hotspots were clicked on).  I cannot advance to the next slide when I click the NEXT button (and the NEXT button stays gray).  Does it have anything to do with my hotspots being actual slides instead of layers?  I've attached the file.  Thank you.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Dan

see updated file.

The triggers to change variables on your menu slide were listed after the 'jump to slide' so they weren't executing.  They could have been moved up in order on the menu slide but I prefer to move them to the branched slide on timeline start. (you can change them back if you want)

I also changed the trigger for the next button to change to normal 'on timeline start' instead of you having the four triggers for 'when variable changes'. 

Adjusted the jump to slide trigger when user clicks next to slide 1.7 (hope this is correct) when the timeline starts on the menu as long as all the conditions for the variables are met.

Shout out if you need more help.

Dan Felice

That's right, the order of triggers matter.  That tripped me up before.  I need to drill that into my brain.  Thanks so much Wendy for describing the solution and then doing it as well.  I do see that you reduced the graying out of the NEXT button to one trigger.  I too thought that was all that was needed, but in my research I saw someone use multiple triggers.  I also see you pointed the NEXT button to a specific slide rather than "next slide."  I tried that too, but since my triggers were not in the correct order, I thought it wasn't working.  I see things much more clearly now.  Thanks again Wendy!