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Aug 10, 2016

I am brand new to SL2, and am an ISD by trade (read: no programming background). How do I make the player's NEXT button inactive until all four hotspots on a slide have been clicked on?

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Inga Clark

Thank you so much for the solution, I love it - but there's something not
quite working on my slide. In your story, you made the next button
inactive until the state of all four rectangles was changed to visited.
This required you to create a trigger to change the state of each rectangle
to visited when the user clicks on it. Here is my problem: the hotspots
don't show up in the trigger wizard, so I can't change their state to
visited when clicked. Is there a better way for me to set this up? I have
four components on the screen. When each one is clicked, it goes to a
layer which has more information.

Thank you for your help!!


Inga Clark

OK, now I have another one - what's the best way to do this - I have four
icons that I want students to click on. When they click an icon, I want
text and an arrow to appear at the bottom of the screen. When they click
the next icon, the text and arrow are replaced with another, and so on for
all four icons. I also want the next button to be inactive until they've
clicked all four icons.

Thanks for your continued help!!


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