Can't assign embedded video as Object


I want to embed a video, then trigger an action (such as going to the next slide) when the embedded video completes its playing. However, When I create a slide with an embedded video (I'm trying to embed one from, The trigger wizard doesnt' offer the video as an object... I just get an "unassigned" option in the drop-down menu choices. 

Anyone know a way around this?

Thanks in advance,

Robert Edgar

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Robert Edgar

Could, but that can lead to problems.

There can always be pauses in delivery during caching, and that can lengthen the video playback time.

If you don't adjust the time for that, you might cut off the end of the video because it might change screens before the video finishes playing..

If you do adjust by adding extra seconds, then the user may end of waiting for the screen to change after the video stops.

It would be a sloppy user experience.

Thanks for the suggestion, though!