Can't change states on a layer based on Scene.Progress

Sep 12, 2019


I'm trying to get a text box to change states, as a result of learner progress through a course. I've tried to use the scene.progress variable on the layer, and I've also tried scene.progress triggering a T/F variable on the layer (what my file shows) and neither are working.

The scene.progress variable is changing (as indicated by the reference in my footer), but I'm not sure why it's not triggering the state change.

Any ideas?

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Hi Chelsea,

Can you point me at the slide(s) that is giving you the issue?

Can you elaborate on what you are trying to achieve, if I understand what you're trying to do then I believe there may be an easier way. Trying to maintain two menu layers on every slide is going to be a battle. I've seen some clever custom menus done via master slides.

Best wishes,



Chelsea Taylor

Hi Len,

Thanks for taking a look. First off, sorry about the file, I've uploaded a second version that is paired down. Please reference slide 2.4.

What I'd like to accomplish is to have the "SubTopic" text boxes on the layer "Menu_expanded" change state from their Disabled Initial State to the Normal state, based on learner progress throughout the course. For the purpose of this sample file, I've just set up triggers for the SubTopic_1 text box.

I've played around with different defintions of "learner progress". What I would like is to have triggers for each text box to say:
Change State of
<Text Box>
To State: Normal
When: Variable changes
Variable: Scene.Progress
On Condition: Scene.Progress >=Greater than or equal to 18.00

I like this option because it uses a built in variable...but unfortunately, it's not working.

The other option I tried is to create my own variable, ProgressTF. ProgressTF is a true/false variable that changes based on Scene.Progress, and then I have a trigger to change the ProgressTF variable, then the other trigger to change the state. This was not working either, even though the Scene.Progress variable is changing, the ProgressTF variable is also changing from false to true, as indicated by the 2 shapes on the Menu_expanded layer in my troubleshooting.

You mentioned a Master slide option...can you talk about that? I was going to use that, but a requirement for the project is for learners to progress through the content, similar to a compliance training, and I couldn't see a way to do that with Master slides.

Thank you for reading my novel and looking forward to any insight.

Phil Mayor

I originally suspected the variable changes before the slide loads or at least before other triggers are active and the event trigger for when changes is not picking it up.

But I had a play and I can get triggers to fire and show layers based off of scene.progress obviously it is the value of 18 but it does work on 100

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