Can't delete a trigger

Apr 17, 2013

Hi. I have a trigger on a base slide that I can't seem to delete. I couldn't figure out why it was not  working so I thought I'd delete it and re-create it, but when I click on the trigger the delete option is grayed out. I can edit it, or copy it, but cannot delete.

Any suggestions?



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Adena Wilson

Hi. I realized that I was trying to attach the entire course, which is big. So I extracted the problem slide and it is attached. 

So there are 2 issues: 

1. On the base slide, there is a trigger that cannot be deleted -- it is the one where there is unassigned next to it.  This really is not affecting the slide performance, but it is a puzzle as to why it cannot be deleted.

2. I have the slide set up to show Untitled Layer 2 when the user clicks NEXT and certain conditions are met; or to show Untitled Layer 3 when the user clicks NEXT and certain other conditions are met. No matter what, only Untitled Layer 3 shows up. This issue is the more critical.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Kevin Thorn

Hi Adena,

I took a look at  your .story file and  you're is puzzling. I can't seem to delete that trigger either. Odd. If it doesn't interfere with anything then just ignore it. If it bothers you, the only thing I can think of is recreate the slide as it appears to have gotten "stuck."

As for the behaviors of always showing Untitled Layer 3 no matter what the conditions may have something to do with tying those triggers to the Player Next button. That button is typically used for navigation "away" from or to another slide, and not showing/hiding layers within a slide.

I'd suggest creating a new button on the slide and attach those conditional triggers to it. And then turn off the Next/Prev buttons on the player all together. You already have the "continue" button on Untitled Layer 2 which I presume will navigate to the next slide in sequence.

Safe rule: Player navigation buttons for slide-to-slide. Layer navigation use new buttons.

Hope this helps.

Christine Hendrickson

Sorry to jump in - I was looking at the file as well. At first, I wasn't able to delete the trigger. However, after changing the trigger to another object (other than the "NEXT" button), I was able to remove it. I'm wondering if this may be due to the other triggers assigned to the "Next" button, but I'm not entirely sure. Was the slide copied at some point?

If you're still unable to delete it, though, Kevin's suggestion of recreating the slide may be a good idea!

I hope you all have a great weekend,


Adena Wilson

Dear Kevin and Christine,

Thank you both!! Kevin, definitely appreciate the rule about player vs. layer navigation. 

Christine, I'll try changing the trigger to another object -- but I may just end up recreating.

Again, thank you both for helping me out! Love this support community.

- Adena

Chris  Pearce

I'm having the same issue. I added navigation controls after creating the project, using same process I've used successfully a few times before:

My "next" button isn't working and, like Adena, I can't delete the triggers either. 

Adena Wilson

Hi Chris,

I looked back to see what I did and it looks like I recreated the slide but also took away the NEXT button and added a new button to the slide to enable the learner to move to the next slide. And it worked. Granted, it means this slide has a slightly different look that the others but it doesn't seem to matter in this case.

If your problem is on one slide only perhaps that will work?

Sorry I can't be of more help. 


Donata Janik

I had a similar problem with the player button Next. Primarly, the Next button was disabled until the timeline ended. Then, I deleted the triggers for it, but the operation remained unaffected. I could only solve it by adding a new trigger, that changed the state of the Next button to normal, when the timeline starts.