Can't Find Basic Zoom

Feb 16, 2023

Where is the Basic Zoom animation in Storyline 360? I can't find it anywhere, even though it's mentioned in one of the articles on this site.

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John Morgan

Hi Normand,

Thanks for asking about this! The Zoom animation can be found by following these steps!

  1. Click the object you want to animate
  2. Click the Animations tab
  3. Click on the star in either the Entrance animations or Exit animations portion of the ribbon
  4. Click Zoom

Here's a screenshot to help you out!

I hope this helps!

Normand Theriault

That’s not the Basic Zoom I’m looking for. I need something with the option to Zoom Out a picture, not Zoom In.

If you look in PowerPoint it’s under more entrance animations and it’s called Basic Zoom. It has the option to move Out instead of In.

Is this even in Storyline 360?

Normand Theriault

Normand Theriault

Here is an example file to help see what I'm talking about.

This file uses a Zoom animation and it zooms in on the character (which makes it appear like she's coming out of the slide).

What I want to do is zoom out on the character to make it appear like she's coming in to the slide from "above" (not in the sense of being above the slide at the top, but in the sense of being above the slide on a z axis).

If this is not possible, please let me know.