Can't find screen recording to insert


I recorded a process in an application, and when I ended the recording I let the Storyline process/save the recording. However, I did not Insert the recordings into a scene or slides then because it said it would be 312 slides. I canceled the process. Then I recorded another sequence and let that process and placed it in a scene (only 32 slides that time). Now I cannot find the original 312 slide recording. I looked under the Record Slide drop-down, but it is not there. 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

Did you press cancel when seeing this screen:

If so, you would have seen the second prompt to save it for later use. If you choose No, or closed the prompt the screen recording was not added to Storyline to access from the Record Screen drop down. 😕

Since that first recording is now gone, you could look at editing your other recording using the steps here?