Can't import PPTs to Articulate Storyline 360

Nov 23, 2020

I was experiencing the error message "Failed to Import PowerPoint-Presentation", along with a message box that says "Not enough memory to load PowerPoint" when trying to upload PPT files into Articulate Storyline 360 on my laptop. I performed and confirmed the suggestions in this article to no avail.

I obtained a brand new laptop from my company, with twice the memory as my old one, and had Office 365 and the Articulate desktop app, and am now experience the same issues. At first, I get the error message, I click ok, and then try to import again.  It will import the second time. However, this is what it did on my previous laptop and eventually it seemed to get worse until I couldn't import at all. I want to avoid doing this again.

Anyone who can troubleshoot this with me?

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