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Mar 28, 2013

With the project I'm working on I had to restrict the learners so they can't click through the slides without seeing the entire timeline so I used a variable in my Slide Master that sets to false at the start of the timeline and true when the time line ends. I added a condition when clicking the next button to check that this variable is true. This all works fine.

I couldn't find a way to show the next button as being greyed out or disabled so I created a next button trigger that showed a layer with a text box that said " the next button is disabled until the narration is complete with a click box labeled 'Don't show this message again' "  The click box toggles a variable (ifcheckeddontshow)  to true that I use as a condition for the next button trigger that shows the layer.  This works great if I put that trigger and layer on every slide.

I decided to try and add this trigger and layer to the Slide Master so I don't have to add it to every slide. When I do that I can't preview (it just hangs forever at  'preparing slide 1 of 2') or publish (it starts to publish but just quits before it's done)

I've attached a couple of slides to show what I mean

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Brian. And thanks for posting this. 

I'm getting the same thing as you. Can you please go ahead and send this in to our support team so they can take a closer look at it? You'll have a chance to attach the project on the second page of this link. And if you could, please feel free to share your case number here so I can follow up with it. 

Thanks, Brian!

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