custom navigation on master slide not working storyline 360

So I created a course using the master slide for the custom navigation. I have triggers on the master slide to have the next button be disabled or normal or highlighted. the Next button state is set to normal. So once a slide is done it marks the slide variable to true. in the master slide, I have the trigger to change the next button state to disabled when the timeline starts if slideVariable is = false. So the next button will only be available if you have already completed that slide.

I can't get the next button to change. I have tried it the opposite way and have the initial state set to disabled and still had the same issue. 

I assumed that every time a new slides start the master slide is restarting so the triggers are being run each time a new slide starts. If that is true something is wrong with my triggers. 

any help appreciated



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dawn,

It looks like this is caused by the additional variables/triggers you're using to adjust the next button for future slides. Since they're all on the same master slide, those are applied at the restart of a slide even if that variable isn't being used. For example, I recorded a quick video showcasing the variable that is tripping up the navigation on slide 1.2 after you've used the back button to revisit it. 

Hope that helps!