Storyline 2: Next Button not advancing slide when clicked

Mar 12, 2019

I have a slide with a video inserted from file.

Triggers I have set up:

  1. Change state of the Next Button to Disabled when time line starts
  2. Change state of the next button to Normal when the media completes
  3. Jump to next slide when the user clicks the next button
  4. Jump to previous slide when the user clicks the previous button

Everything works except when the next button becomes normal, after the video completes, when you click it the slide does not advance.

2 Replies
Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mark. Your navigation is set to Restricted in the Player Properties > Menu panel. The timeline of the slide is 76 seconds, so the Next button won't work until the end of the timeline is reached. Triggering the Next button won't override this behavior. You can shorten the timeline of the slide to make sure it matches the length of the video.

Let me know if that helps!

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