Next button to reset to normal (clickable state) after viewing slide - if the user wants to "re-visit" the slide

is this possible?  

  1. A user views a slide with 4 layers.  
  2. The next button is disabled until the user completes  all interactions within the layers
  3. The next button state shows normal state
  4. The user clicks the next button and moves to the next slide
  5. If the user wants clicks the previous button or clicks the slide topic in the menu, how would one "reset" the next button to "normal state" so the user can move forward again?
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Wendy Farmer

Try setting the slide property 'when revisiting - set option to resumed state' if that doesn't work you could use a T/F variable that is set when the last layer is revealed and then trigger it on the base layer to set the 'next button to normal when timeline starts if variable is equal to true