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May 18, 2018

Hi, we do not have an LMS.  I published my course for the web but when I load it to our portal the story.html just shows me the html code.  How do I publish the course to run from an internal website.  We are using a Sharepoint site.


Thank you,


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Chris Santos

Hi Kate,

You can try checking this existing column for directions on how to publish your course to SharePoint: Storyline 360 to SharePoint.

From what I have gathered from this forum, you need to publish to web and rename your story.html to story.aspx.  There is a few more instructions included in that forum and I would suggest looking for the post made by John Lutrell from a couple of months ago on what he did to be able to accomplish this.

Not sure if you are using the same version as he is but hope this helps.


Chris S.

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