Can't resize window when in interactive mode.

Feb 24, 2015

Hi Guys,

I have attached a file to explain the issue I am having. I hope this makes sense.

I have tried now for 3 hours to try and fix this issue :(

Thank you in advance.

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Graham OKeeffe

Hi Ashley,

I have attached a screenshot to explain further....when I record the screen I do this in full size but when I press Esc to save it the slide still has spaces on either side...I thought it would automatically fit the slide flush..

See attachment....I really need to be able to find a solution for this.

Thank you

Alex Stanton

HI all

  I think Ashley is saying that if you go the Design Tab and have a play/ set the story Size there it will hide those pesky white bars.

Appended a screenshot of the Option. for resetting storysize. 

Otherwise you could manually define the window you want to record a bit of hassle i know but it might solve the issue (of course you would have to re-record using that method.)

and finally a dirty fix export the recording as a MP4, Import as a video and then you can drag the edges out (though this is not the ideal way and has a adverse impact on quality)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Graham,

It may be easier to see your .story file - but if you've made modifications to the overall spacing of the video in a single slide, that does not impact your screen recording as a whole, so reinserting it will default to the size it was recorded in. Depending on your screen recording size compared to your overall story size (which is the slide setting as Alexander indicated) the screen recording may not take up the entire slide - but it can't be resized as it's added as a part of the slide background. 

If you'd like the slide and the screen recording to be the same size, you'll want to conduct the recording at the same size as your story size. You can adjust this at the start of a screen recording:


Hope that helps clarify the difference between the changes you're able to make to a video screen recording, and a step by step screen recording. 

Graham OKeeffe

Thank you for the reply 

But if I use the 720x540 (4:3) ratio only a small proportion of the screen is recorded...for this software I need the whole screens to be viewable so that is why I choose Full Screen.

Am I missing something here...sorry I'm only using it 2 days now.

I really love this software so I want to get it right.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Graham,

Are you able to resize the software screen to fit what you've set as your story size? What's the overall size of your "full screen" - can you set your story size to match that instead? 

Or, what about adding additional color to the background so that the screen recording doesn't have the white on the sides but a color that is more in line with your set up? 

Graham OKeeffe

Hi Ashley,

I set the video size to full screen when I record the video...then when it saves to the slide it saves but with the edges with so I resize to fit the screen....then when I go to the step by step mode those edges re-appear.

I guess this leads to my other question of when I preview the course there seems to be no way to maximise the boss keeps asking me how can I see the video in full our software product has many features and it would be better if the user could see the entire screen.

What you think?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Graham,

Yes, since you're only resizing the actual video once it's inserting, it will have no impact on the step by step slides when you insert those. There won't be a way to resize the screen recording in step by step mode. 

Storyline doesn't have a "full screen" option, but you'll want to look at the options available for player and browser settings as detailed here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Graham,

No worries - that's what we're here for. :-)

You won't see a change using those options until you publish and test the published output within the intended environment (for best results). So if the final option will be an LMS, publish for LMS (include HTML5 or not depending on where you'll be viewing the course) and if you can't upload to your real LMS, upload to a site such as SCORM Cloud which is a free industry standard for testing SCORM content. 

Hope that helps! 

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