Can't use the 360 demo

Dec 20, 2016

I'm not sure what's going on, but I downloaded the "free trial" of 360 and then when I launch it, it tells me to log into my account. When I try to create an account, it just takes me to this page: which seems to just have videos.

Help. The file I downloaded was articulate-360.exe.

How do I use it as a 30 day free trial demo?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Victoria!  I'm sorry you're getting hung up.  It sounds like you were able to download the installation file for the desktop app; were you able to install it as well?  What happens when you use your Articulate ID to sign into the desktop app?

Also, at , do you see your avatar in the upper right hand corner?  You can click on it to bring up your account profile, including which email address is being used with your Articulate ID.

We'll get you straightened out!

Tanya Storm

Hi Victoria! I wonder if your firewall is blocking it? Have a look at this page, for some of the things that can go wrong here:

Do you have an alternate computer (maybe at home or work) that you could try signing in from? That may be one way to narrow the cause down. If you can sign in somewhere else, I'd put money on a firewall giving you fits. If it's a totally different location and setup and you still cannot log in, it's more likely to be Articulate ID related.

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