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Jan 04, 2013

I built a slide layer that provides feedback (a layer with only a text box that says Congratulations!) in a drag and drop interaction. I added a trigger on the base layer that says to 'show the layer' when "state" of [all the images that have a correct state] "are" the "correct states." (I put all the parts of the trigger in quotes here.)

For some reason, the Congratulations layer is not showing. I tried re-ordering the layers in the slide layers panel. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Any tips would be helpful! Thanks and Happy New Year! 

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Jill McNair

Hi Lindsey,

My question is do all the images have a "Correct" state, and have you triggered the change from the Normal to the Correct states?  Just because an image is dropped in the correct place, does not mean that the state of that object changes.  So you can create a "Correct" state for each image, and add a trigger for each image that changes its state to "Correct" when the image is dropped on the correct drop target. Then your Congratulations layer should display.

Hope that helps.  Post your file (if you can) or more questions if you are still having trouble.


Lindsey Brockish

Hi Kevin and Jill,

Yes, I suppose I left that part out. All of the images have a correct state and the correct states are triggered when they are dropped in a certain box on the slide.

So, to hash this out further, I tried this in two ways... First, I added triggers for each item to change to correct state when dropped on the target. Then added another trigger for the congrats layer to display when all of these items are in the correct state.

I also tried another approach. I built a trigger that each of the dummy response items should show it's incorrect state (labeled 'finish' state) when all the correct answers have been dropped on the target (so the learners will know they found all the correct answers). Then I made a trigger to show the congrats layer when the dummy items go to the 'finish' state.

The congrats layer doesn't show either way.

I've uploaded the file. So you don't have to spend time guessing, the correct answers are:

-participants agree to participate when they don't want to

-participant gets frustrated and drop out

-study results could be skewed

-participant is pressured to change responses

Thanks again,


Kevin Thorn

Hi Lindsey,

Hopefully this will solve your problem. I restructured a few things for you. First, Drag and Drop interactions don't behave very well with Grouped objects.

I ungrouped all your drag objects. Then cut the text box and pasted *in* the edited states for each. To see what I mean, click on any of the drag objects and then look at their states - there's a text box now on each state. What this does is keep the object a single element without having to group them. Now your interaction can refer to that object rather than several within a group.

Next, I renamed the objects in the timeline to match their respective layer names to keep things organized.

Finally, to get the Congrats layer to appear I added your existing trigger to each of the "Close" buttons on each layer. Why it wasn't working is when you closed a layer you were wanting another trigger to automatically show a new layer once the current one hides.

Oddly enough Hiding one layer and Showing another work fine as long as they are fired together off the same trigger. By having a hide layer on the Close button and then a Show layer on the base layer, it was conflicting with each other. It's kinda like having to give Storyline a bit of breathing room between trigger fires.

File attached. Hope that helps.

Lindsey Brockish

Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for your help with this! It looks exactly like I was wanted it to look!

I have a couple of questions for you. (I want to be clear on what you did so I can do it myself next time. )

The trigger you added to each close layer references the four correct items and the 'correct' state for each except one, which references the normal state. This logic makes me think that the congrats layer would not show if that item (pressured) were in the 'drop correct' state. But this isn't the case. The layer appears when all four items are in 'drop correct' state.

Second question - how did you integrate the text into the note item? I am not able to edit it. Did you edit it in ppt and then save it as an image?

Thank you, again!!!


Kevin Thorn

Hi Lindsey,

Glad I was able to help. As for the triggers on each of the "close" buttons, they should all be set to show the Congrats layer if the correct object's states are 'Drop Correct.' If one is set to Normal state that was just an oversight by me. The logic here is each time the 'Close' button is clicked it will evaluate if all four correct objects are correct regardless of what layer you're currently on.

To integrate the text, select one of the images (drag objects). Then select that object/image States tab. Edit the States and you can see he text box on each of its States: Normal, Hover, and Drop Correct.

Kevin Thorn

Since you're using custom images with text, and then using those images as drag items for an interaction it works best if they were a single image.

Another approach and what I do often with custom images is create them in another program such as PowerPoint and add the text there. Then "Save As" as PNG file and bring that image into Storyline for use with an interaction.

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