Can user enter notes while viewing a Storyline slide, and can they save to a pdf. file?

Oct 10, 2018

I have a request to allow users to enter a notes while viewing a slide, and to be able to print.   I am assuming that would have to be saved as a pdf? The print copy would then show the slide and the notes that were entered.  Is this possible in Storyline?

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Lia Lee

Hi Matt, 

I have tried this tutorial and the original print to html tutorial and I can't figure out why my variables are not passing (or maybe they aren't storing). I have added the files to linters and combed the code side-by-side without any troubleshooting luck or obvious issues.

Only one DOM error on clientside in my code files: Uncaught DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin "null" from accessing a cross-origin frame.
at file:/process.js:4:32

Line 4 referenced:  var player = opener?{} ;

I then took your "pretty" story file and published with my code files and your example story file doesn't pass the variables when launching print.html. Next, I took your code files and published my story file and had the same result: now my story file doesn't pass variables even using your code. I tried using a newer version of Jquery, and ensured that the story file was updated to 360 format.

Would you have insight into a troubleshooting detail I may have overlooked?

Lia Lee

Thanks Matt! i will send note, I am publishing to web for now; final resting place server and LMS.

Scratch this! I think I just found the issue. Details noted here: