Can we get some new animations?

Hello! Does anyone know if there are any plans for an upcoming release of Storyline to have new animation effects? I'm growing tired of the fade, fly-in, wipe-up, etc. I watch "The Profit" on CNBC and they have great explainer videos that use cool effects like jiggling when an object is being discussed, sparkling, arrows animating. I keep hoping with each release that the animation toolbar will have new options, but I haven't seen any new ones in a long time. 

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Matthew Bibby

Agreed. I'd love to see GSAP type animations added to Storyline.

Or even bringing the options more in line with those offered with animate.css would help modernise things a bit.

For inspiration, the dev team should have a look at how Tumult Hype handles animations (and the degree of configurability available). It's amazing.

Matthew Bibby

Short answer... no.

Longer answer... it may be possible to hack the published output to include something like this, but it would only apply to the HTML5 output and wouldn't be easy to do. 

I've considered having a play around with the concept but am not confident that it is something worth exploring due to the time it would take and the potential for things to go horribly wrong. 

Maybe one day I'll try and if I figure anything out I'll report back here.