Can we present customized slides(or layers) using triggers or variable?

Hi all, I am planning to bring personalized content through branching slides/layers. 
Now, I want to use 3 assessment questions in the beginning to customize the following slides. The customized slide (layer slide or branched slide) will be a result of all the 3 questions, I have done branching slides for each questions but I want to know if there a way to branch a single slide as a result of 3 answers using triggers or variables?

Question 1
Answer A
Answer B

Question 2
Answer C
Answer D

Question 3
Answer E
Answer F

When user clicks submit, want to link Customized slides using different combinations
slide 1 : Answer A, D, E
Slide 2: Answer A, D, F
Slide 3: Answer A, C, E
Slide 4: Answer A, C, F
and so on

Your help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance. 

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