Can we sync screen events to different times in an embedded talking avatar videos?

Feb 27, 2015

Has anyone used a lip-synced talking avatar in Storyline? If so, did you use a particular software package, like CodeBaby or something else? And is it possible to sync animations and events on the Timeline to different times during the narrator video?

Please advise ASAP as I am trying to get a bid in to a potential client by this coming Monday at the latest.

Thanks so much!


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Ellen Brodsky

Unfortunately, we don't have the option to link to the Web in these courses, because many of the learners are in remote locations without internet access. Looks like you can export to Flash as well, but I'm wondering about sync issues. Do you have experience with syncing other objects to the avatars?
Thank you!

Alexander Salas

Hi Ellen, sorry about the delay, apparently I was not subscribing to this feed.  You definitely should be able to sync characters to narration but it would take too much work without a software solution that would do this.  

Check out Tom's post on speaking avatars:

and there's also Media Semantics 

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