Losing video sync on LMS

Oct 19, 2020

So this is a very specific issue and I'm not sure anyone can help but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Here goes-

For a recent learning module we made an avatar with lip synched audio. Basically there is a tiny movie of just the animated lips sitting on top of the avatar body. See attached file.

Since the movie handles both the audio and visuals this worked just fine throughout our development and when we tested it on our LMS which our employees access via our intranet. Recently because of COVID the LMS team has needed to open up it's LMS policy to allow off site users to have access to learning modules. When we tested remote access to this module we found that the video sync is now way off.

I know remote access has thrown a lot of security steps into the connection mix but I was surprised that it broke the sync. I thought it might take longer for the video to load but that once it started playing it would be in sync. Right now our solution is going to be to lose the avatar all together and just go with voice over.

So that's my problem. Anyone have any insight or suggestions?


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