Can you adjust the way a results slide is calculated in SL2?

Hi - I'm new to using results slides in any manner other than with question banks.  I have a 5-round "game" in which each round consists of 3 questions.  I need to create a results slide for the LMS, that looks to the number of rounds won.  Based on the slide flow below, is it possible to program the match summary so that it looks to the individual round summaries?

The learner is the HOME team and opposing team is AWAY.  I have used number variables with each question earning a point, then the round is won or lost based on the points won by the HOME team. 

Round 1 - Q1, Q2, Q3 - Round 1 summary
Round 2 - Q1, Q2, Q3 - Round 2 summary
Round 3 - Q1, Q2, Q3 - Round 3 summary
Round 4 - Q1, Q2, Q3 - Round 4 summary
Round 5 - Q1, Q2, Q3 - Round 5 summary
Match summary (this would be the result slide).  The learner must win at least 4 rounds to pass.

I'm trying to avoid a lot of reprogramming, so if there's a way to program that match summary, it would be a huge time saver.

Thanks in advance for any insight.


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This sounds like a perfect case for using a "ghost assessment".
Essentially, track the winner of each round in a round variable and then use that variable to answer an invisible T/F question your learner never sees. The results slide is based on the invisible questions and not the questions used in each round.
Read more about how to set up ghost assessments here: Link to Post