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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Larry,

It's not currently possible to bookmark a resume point within a video. However, if you were able to break the video up into smaller pieces, say 10 minutes per slide, then you could have your users resume the course based on which slide they were on when they left the course. Does that sound like something that would work for you?

Larry Fischer

Thanks Ashley,

I see what you mean and I could make that work even though it takes a little more effort. It would be great if you could do it within articulate. We used to use Flash for that but would rather use Articulate now. Put that on the wish list for a future feature.

Best regards,


Dana Jeffries

What I am finding is, once the videos are broken up into smaller sections and the user leaves the course, the bookmark works. Once the user returns to the course and tries to bookmark again, the user is taken back to the title page. Then they seem to be able to bookmark again. Are you only allowed to bookmark once per session or is there a setting that would allow the user to bookmark multiple times using these video slides?

Dana Jeffries

What's interesting is that it will resume where you left off the first time you exit. Then if you re-enter the course and leave again, you go to the first page of the course if you leave again before finishing the course. Once you return to the first page of the course again, go to a couple of videos, exit and resume later, it will go back to where you left off. It's like if you leave once the bookmark will set. If you return a second time, move forward in the course a few pages and leave the course, it seems to reset and take you to the first page. The video is embedded in each slide which is why this is kind of strange.

Jim Morgan

There is a tool that you can utilize to convert your videos to a SCORM format that will allow bookmarking and resuming.  Search the web for SCOTube or click here.

Not sure if this resolves your issue.  The one drawback that I have found is that it is flash based so is not fully mobile compatible.