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Blue Pearl

Hi Cindy. I just had a similar problem last week. I used the following link which provided some assistance: https://community.articulate.com/series/74/articles/articulate-storyline-360-user-guide-how-to-add-slide-notes#format

Unfortunately though, it seemed to work in the preview version but not in the published version. What did help was to highlight each set of notes individually and set the text highlight color to "No Color. "


Qinyi Yao

Hi Leslie,

I have the same issue with Notes font. I am using the modern player, and it's the dark theme. I don't know how to make the default font color and size as they're inconsistent through the course. Some notes appear to be more white-ish while the others appear grey. I cannot find the "Advanced Color Options" for the modern player.

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Jill!

Great questions. I'm happy to answer them:

  • Is there a way to adjust the font color/size of notes via slide masters? 
    Currently, there isn't a way to adjust the formatting of a font via slide masters. 
  • Does the format painter work in the Notes panel?
    The format painter isn't available for notes at this time.

We're actively tracking requests for a global notes formatting option, so I'll surface your post to my team. Here's how we manage feature ideas.

One idea to control the visual appearance of text elements is to use text styles. You'll still need to apply the style to each Notes panel, but it might help speed up the process. Here's a video demo.

Let me know if any more questions come to mind!