Can you change the hover state on likert scale surveys?

The automatic hover state style is not in-keeping with what we are creating but we can't seem to find a way to adjust any of the states of the radio buttons within a likert scale survey.

We would like to be able to adjust the style of the callout that appears and the hover colour.

I believe that with storyline 1 this was not possible to change. Does anyone know if this has been updated with 2/360?


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Pia Nygren

Hi, jumping right in in this 2 year old thread, since I have the same problem. The hover tips are in English and I need to change them to Swedish, also the color is not in line with our graphic design manual where I work (not as important than being able to edit the text. Is there any way now to change all this? Otherwise we wont be able to use this type of scale. To be honest I would like to turn them of completely and have that info above the whole row.  Thanks! //Pia Nygren