Can you change the state of data entries?

Mar 10, 2013


I have created 5 data entries on a slide and want the answers to appear on a layer once the user answers them all. To do this I had thought about the following:

1. Change state of data entry1 to visited when control loses focus

2. Change state of data entry2 to visited when control loses focus

3. Change state of data entry3 to visited when control loses focus

4. Change state of data entry4 to visited when control loses focus

5. Change state of data entry5 to visited when control loses focus

6. Show layer "answers" when state of data entry1, 2, 3, 4, 5 is equal to visited

The problem is that Articulate doesn't allow (or I can't find) a way to change the state of data entries. Is there a workaround for this?


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Manuel Aicart

I just found a solution when I just have one data entry, which is to create the following trigger:

Show layer "answers" when textentry1 changes

Now I'm trying to see how I could create a trigger like this:

Show layer "answers" when textentry1, textentry2, textentry3, textentry4, textentry5 change

How could I do it?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Manuel,

I don't know if this trigger can work just with a timeline end. My suggestion was to have the user press enter after they've completed all the choices. Of course, you'd need to have that in the instructions. See attached.

I wonder if you could put a shape offstage. It could change to selected when all the text entries are completed, and the a trigger could be set to move to the next layer when that shape is equal to selected.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Phil,

I think one problem with that is that if there's a 2nd slide and the Learner clicks next they'll arrive at slide 2 - even without completing any of the data, yes?

Also, it still isn't automatically going to the next slide when the timeline ends, which is what I meant when I didn't know if this could work with a timeline end.

I had come up with another solution earlier which I thought I"d posted, but once again I apparently didn't hit the post button, so here it is now. The Learner does need to click outside the text entry box in order for this to work, but can complete the answers in any order.

Phil Mayor

Hi Rebecca, I was only answering the question which was to show a layer when the data entry fields have been completed, you could always add a trigger on the layer to jump to the slide (I never saw any mention of automatically jumping to a slide).

You could add another layer that is fired when the user hits next if any of them are blank, and only allow moving if they are no equal to blank

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