Adding a number variable to a data entry box

Jun 30, 2015

I would like to change the state of an object if the learner types into 4 designated text data entry boxes before typing in some other text entry boxes first.

I have the default trigger . Set text entry to typed value when control loses focus - as I want the learner to type in the box

I have added a variable add 1 to burstbubble(variable) when user clicks text entry box(number) on each data entry boxes

I have added a trigger. change the state of bubble to "burst" when user clicks text entry(number) if burstbubble is more than or equal to 4  on data entry boxes

I have referenced the variable on the slide to see what is happening and the reference changes to NaN when I click in the.

Any help would be most appreciated

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Chris -- I think that the link Wendy provided could do the trick for you (although I did want to reiterate if you were not already aware, Articulate does not provide support for JS coding, so if you need additional assistance there, we will need to defer to the community). And, for your reference in case you don't have it readily available, here is a link for JavaScript Best Practices. Good luck with your project! :)

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