Bug? Incrementing Numeric Var When Text Field Loses Focus

Nov 14, 2014

Hi Group

This seems reproducible for me in Storyline 2. Is it for anyone else?

I have a couple of text entry fields, with a trigger on each to increment a numeric variable by 1 when Lose Focus fires on them.

The idea is that I can keep track of when the user has been into a few fields.

What I see happen, however, is that if I increment the numeric variable on a lose focus event on the text entry fields the variable gets set to a NaN (Not a Number) rather than getting incremented.

If anyone else sees this then I think we've got a bug.

Thanks for any input/verification.


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Peter Brown

Hi Sharon

To be honest, I don't even clearly remember what I was trying to do when I encountered the bug - 2 years ago Articulate, and evidently still open! It might have been short answer text that I was expecting user input on in the fields, so it feels vaguely familiar to me that I checked for key presses of a vowel and incremented a numeric flag variable based on that to indicate the the learner had been there when A, E, I, O or U was pressed.

Good luck!

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