Issues with numeric entry field in Chrome Browser

Mar 26, 2022

Is anyone else having this issue? I have a huge course I am building with multiple variables, a couple hundred actually. Most of them are text entry so far but I got to a worksheet that has numeric entry fields. They are properly assigned to variable and in preview everything works fine. When I published it to Review 360 and go to view it in Chrome, all of the text fields work just fine but when I get to the numeric entry fields, you can't even click in them. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this? I know I can go back and change them all to Text entry fields but number 1 I shouldn't have to and number 2 I have already created a good 30 of them. Any help would be appreciated.

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Steve Gannon

How many numeric entry fields do you have on a single slide, Randy? There is a known issue with a lot of entry fields (could be text or numeric, doesn't matter) on a slide causing the performance of the slide to slow to the point of being nearly unusable. If you have a lot of entry fields on one slide, it could be that they will work but it may take 5-10 seconds or more before they respond to giving them focus with a mouse click.

Randy Hill

Thanks Steve. I doubt that is it. I never have more than 3 numeric entry fields on a slide at a time. The first slide with numeric entry fields also has a text entry field, and that one is working fine. When I try this same course in edge or firefox it works ok, it is just Chrome on my Mac.