Can you copy a Zoom Region?

Mar 18, 2013

I'm working with a course where I would like to have "the same zoom" on multiple slides. I found how to change the zoom speed, but I don't find anything that tells me the zoom size and position.  I also don't seem to have functionality to copy and paste a zoom region from one slide to another.  Is there anyway, other than eye-balling it, to make identical zoom sizes on multiple slides?  The timing will be different, but I want the size and placement to match.

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Carl Beyboer

Can't believe this hasn't been implemented.  Just came across this myself after having used Camtasia for screen recordings.

  • Should be able to copy/paste region layer between slides
  • Should be able to directly input values (as though it was a shape with "Format Zoom Region"
  • Should be able to set an exact duration for the transition in 0.25/sec increments.
Scott Howard

Absolutely agree with Carl above that the features listed would save hours of otherwise tedious work for Storyline developers. I'm forced to use the 'rectangle' workaround which remains tedious when it needs to be applied over many slides. Fine-tuning still needs to be done in order for the scene to render properly  with no 'jumping around' when zoom regions aren't perfectly aligned between slides. This application would jump from good to great with either the ability to copy zoom regions between slides or to be able to configure the zoom region coordinates and size directly. This is a universal pain point among developers in my organization.

Scott Howard

I've worked with a Customer Success Manager to submit a feature request for this issue. They told me to encourage others who have been impacted to submit a feature request as well as it will add traction to the request. Please take a moment and help get this long-overdue feature added. Here is the link: Feature Request

Toby Lockyer

So it is 8 years since the issue was raised and no solution? I am kind of surprised about behaviour like this for a market leader in the field.

Why does Storyline even have a simulation mode when something as fundamental maintaining the same zoom over multiple pages is not supported?

I am on a project with extensive simulations and using the grid to manually place the zoom every time is a serious time drain.

Toby Lockyer

I really hope they will implement a fix for this very soon, I have another Sim project and I am seriously not looking forward to hours of trying to line up Zooms, even with the grid its painfully slow and if its so much as a millimetre out it stutters and looks unprofessional.

Sadly, it appears that Articulate doesn't implement feature requests, this is one of many fundamental issues which have been outstanding for years. 

David Chiesa

I can't overstate the importance of a decent Zoom feature.  These days everyone is becoming more and more aware of user accessibility, and Articulate promotes some accessibility features.

While a lot of e-learning works along the line of PowerPoint on steroids, with bullet point lists, interactive tools, etc.

Many developers are also creating e-learning modules to train the use of Computer Software and they/we often will make use of the Storyline player to wrap around the subject matter/Software images, with SL menu items and a table of contents, etc.  This border takes up screen space that reduces the available space for the image of the subject being discussed, resulting in smaller text and objects  - often to the extent that these are no longer legible. 

This effect worsens when we consider Accessibility for learners with visual impairments.

In these scenarios it is really important to have the ability to zoom in on specific regions of the subject image, to clarify and highlight the current topic of interest.

Thankfully Storyline does do this.

However, it is often necessary to keep the zoom area fixed over a number of slides.  And by not having any numerical means of setting/matching the zoom areas, Developers either have to do this by eye- which can result in unprofessional and jerky slide transitions. Or they need to duplicate the first zoomed slide and base the rest of them on it.

This of course may be acceptable when creating new eLearning modules from scratch, but it can be very, very time-consuming when updating pre-existing modules.

Having a zoom feature was one of the main requirements my colleagues and I had when we decided to subscribe to the Articulate software suite of products.

Please Fix this issue.

Many thanks Harrison

Substantial pain point, we want to control zoom regions like shapes and be able to copy and paste.  9 years is way, way too long.  Frankly, I am surprised at some of the functions that you haven't been able to implement, I'm guessing this is a really hard one to do for some reason, or there are just too few of us who need to use it.