modify Size and Position of Zoom Regions?

Sep 24, 2018


I am using Zoom Regions on multiple slides in Storyline and want them to be the same dimensions and in the same position on each slide.  However other than manually moving the zoom region and changing the dimensions (and trying to ensure they're the same by eyeballing them) I can find no way to achieve this.  It also appears that you cannot copy and paste or duplicate a particular zoom region on to another slide.

Any workaround I am missing?  I understand that the zoom region must retain the aspect ratio of the overall course, but it would be fantastic if there was the ability to change the size and position (similar to what you can do for objects in the Format tab).

Thank you!

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Ryan Wadleigh

Using the drawing guides certainly helps to pinpoint where the zoom region should be placed, but at the end of the day it's still quite unprecise because the zoom region placements I need are NOT the same as the default gridlines.  It still requires "eyeballing" where the zoom region is placed. In addition, features such as "Snap objects to other objects" do not work for zoom regions as they do for objects on the screen. 

I know that you can duplicate a whole slide, which does duplicate the zoom region from that slide, but that won't work for me - because the slides I need this on are imported as screen records. 

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