Can you direct a user to a particular row in an Excel Spreadsheet?

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know if it's possible when referencing an excel spreadsheet in a course to direct the user to a certain row within the spreadsheet when they click on the link within the course to access the file? If so, how is this done.

We have an large excel spreadsheet that we would like to use and instead of having the user open the spreadsheet and scroll through all of the info in order to find the related information we would just like for, once clicked and opened, it automatically directs them to that certain row.


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S.  Dyson

This is possible with a macro-enabled .xlsm file. Here's a link to instructions that direct the focus of an Excel spreadsheet to a specific sheet & cell within the workbook file:

Some users will receive a prompt asking whether to allow the macro functions of the Excel file; if they choose yes, then the spreadsheet opens to the cell indicated in the VB script.