Can you do a zoom on a layer? & can you change state of a group?

Jun 11, 2012


Apologies if these are obvious or already covered. I may just be having a dim day, but....

Can you do a zoom action on a layer?

Also can you change the state of a group of items without doing lots of triggers? I have a map and I would like to show (and un-show) a set of lines when a button is pressed. All the lines start of as hidden and change in the same way. 

Thanks in advance

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Sarah Ednay

Hi Phil

Thanks for that. Yeah, I'd jumped in and set up layers before I got to this. But yes, that'll work.

I've just worked out I can use a layer which doesn't hide the base layer for my lines to show. Guess there's different ways of doing things and it'll take me a while to get my head around what is best for different tasks.

thanks again

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