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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Randy,

It'll need to be a new slide as the draw from bank elements can't be on a slide with any other content - as it inserts just the placeholder slide as you see here:


Perhaps you could explain a bit more about what you're looking to see up so that we could offer some additional suggestions? 

Randy Susevich

I'm adapting a game board template for a compliance course. Right now the questions are on individual slides, not from a question bank.  I would like the questions to come from a question bank so they could be random.

It seems that, if I want to use the question bank, I need to format the QB slides to be the same as the regular game board slides & then insert the draw into the scene (although then I couldn't keep the learner's game counter in the same spot).  I was hoping there was another way I could go about it but maybe I need to continue to use individual slides and not do a random draw.