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Dec 31, 2014

I created a question bank of 30 mixed question types.  I tried to draw 10 random questions for a new scene.  I selected my question bank, check the random question draw box choose to have 10 questions included.  when I click insert, I get a slide with all 30 questions in the exact order of my question bank.  What am I missing?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Damien

Yes it looks like that is what is happening.

if you have the questions in the quiz bank which you do, you don't also need to have them in the module - this is why it is showing you all 15 in preview.

Create a new scene and cut and paste all the individual quiz questions from the current scene and drop them into the new scene (it will just sit off to the side and won't be included in your project so long as you don't link / navigate to that scene or the slides in that scene) ot if you're brave you can delete them.  (make a file backup before you do just in case) ;-).

So your slides will run Quiz Intro --> Draw from Question Bank --> Result slide. Then your Question bank settings to draw only 5 from 15 should kick in.

Hope that makes sense...shout out if you need more help.

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